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[FZJ-2019-00537] Conference Presentation (Invited)

Thin Film Silicon: Research and Application for Solar Energy Conversion
Materials Research Society Spring Meeting, San FranciscoSan Francisco, USA, 6 Apr 2015 - 10 Apr 20152015-04-062015-04-10

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[FZJ-2019-00536] Talk (non-conference) (Invited)

Research at the Institute of Energy and Climate Research 5 – Photovoltaics, Forschungszentrum Jülich
Seminar, Mehmet Akif Ersoy University, BurdurMehmet Akif Ersoy University, Burdur, Turkey, 16 Nov 20162016-11-16

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[FZJ-2019-00535] Conference Presentation (Invited)

Photoelectrochemical water splitting using adapted silicon based semiconductor multijunction cell structures
4th Renewable Energy Systems and Efficiency Exhibition, AntalyaAntalya, Turkey, 17 Nov 2016 - 19 Nov 20162016-11-172016-11-19

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[FZJ-2019-00534] Conference Presentation (Invited)

Application of electron microscopy for the development of thin film materials and devices shown on a combined photovoltaic-electrochemical system to generate solar fuels
International Conference on Electron Microscopy and Allied Techniques & XXXVIII Annual Meeting of the Electron Microscope Society of India EMSI 2017, MahabalipuramMahabalipuram, India, 17 Jul 2017 - 19 Jul 20172017-07-172017-07-19

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[FZJ-2019-00533] Talk (non-conference) (Invited)

A combined photovoltaic-electrochemical system to generate hydrogen as a solar fuel by water splitting
Colloquium "Renewable energy systems", University of DundeeUniversity of Dundee, UK, 17 Mar 20172017-03-17

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[FZJ-2019-00532] Conference Presentation (Invited)
Multijunction Si Solar Cells for Integrated Photo-Electrochemical Devices
nanoGe Fall Meeting - Light Driven Water Splitting, TorremolinosTorremolinos, Spain, 22 Oct 2018 - 26 Oct 20182018-10-222018-10-26

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[FZJ-2019-00530] Conference Presentation (Invited)
; ;
A photovoltaic-electrochemical module with catalysts from earth abundant materials for solar water splitting
Solar Fuel Production Based on Nanostructured Photoelectrodes and Catalysts, BragaBraga, Portugal, 29 Nov 2018 - 30 Nov 20182018-11-292018-11-30

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[FZJ-2019-00514] Contribution to a conference proceedings
; ; ; et al
Development of a Transparent Passivated Contact as a Front Side Contact for Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells
2018 IEEE 7th World Conference on Photovoltaic Energy Conversion, WCPEC-7, Waikoloa, HawaiiWaikoloa, Hawaii, USA, 11 Jun 2018 - 16 Jun 20182018-06-112018-06-16 IEEE 3468-3472 () [10.1109/PVSC.2018.8548008]
We present a new transparent passivated contact concept utilizing microcrystalline silicon carbide and an ultrathin silicon tunnel oxide (μc-SiC:H(n)/SiO2) for the front side of silicon heterojunction solar cells.We investigated different oxidation agents in combination with selected deposition conditions of the μc-SiC:H(n) to find the ideal parameters for high passivationquality and high conductivity. Implied open-circuit voltages up to 728mV were achieved without any post-deposition treatment e.g. [...]
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[FZJ-2019-00443] Journal Article
; ; ; et al
Inferring power and dominance from dyadic nonverbal interactions in autism spectrum disorder
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[FZJ-2019-00343] Journal Article
; ; ; et al
H-bonding in lazulite: a single-crystal neutron diffraction study at 298 and 3 K
The crystal structure and crystal chemistry of a lazulite from Crosscut Creek (Kulan Camp area, Dawson mining district, Yukon, Canada) was investigated by electron microprobe analysis in wavelength-dispersive mode (EMPA) and single-crystal neutron diffraction at 298 and 3 K. Its empirical formula, based on EMPA data, is: (Mg0.871Fe0.127)Σ0.998Al2.030(P1.985Ti0.008Si0.007O4)2(OH)2. [...]
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