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[FZJ-2019-05833] Dataset
et al
Road Transport Emissions and Vehicle Mileages in 2018 for Counties, Municipalities, Urban Areas and a 1 km2 Grid in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

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[FZJ-2019-04315] Dataset
et al
Road Traffic Volume Map 2014 for North Rhine-Westphalia
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OpenAccess [FZJ-2019-03966] Dataset

Short-term impacts of forest clear-cut on soil structure and consequences for organic matter composition and nutrient speciation: a case study.
Clear-cuts of forests severely affect soil structure and thus soil organic matter (SOM) and nutrient cycling dynamics therein, though with yet unknown consequences for SOM composition as well as phosphorus (P) and sulfur (S) chemical form within the soil microaggregate size fraction. To determine the effects of conventional clear-cutting on soil chemistry in a Cambisol of the Wüstebach Forest (northwestern Germany), we sampled the mineral A- and B-horizons prior to clear-cut as well as 10 and 24 month thereafter. [...]
OpenAccess: P_K-edge_XANES - Download fulltextNOR; Py-FIMS data - Download fulltextXLSX; S_K-edge_XANES - Download fulltextNOR;

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[FZJ-2018-07155] Dataset
et al
Sub-grid soil moisture variability of SMAP, SMOS and ASCAT predicted on basis of soil texture, links to NetCDF files, supplement to: Montzka, Carsten; Rötzer, Kathrina; Bogena, Heye R; Vereecken, Harry (submitted): A new soil moisture downscaling approach for SMAP, SMOS and ASCAT by predicting sub-grid variability. Remote Sensing
PANGAEA - Data Publisher for Earth & Environmental Science () [10.1594/PANGAEA.878889]
Several studies currently strive to improve the spatial resolution of coarse scale high temporal resolution global soil moisture products of the satellite missions SMOS (Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity), SMAP (Soil Moisture Active and Passive) and ASCAT (Advanced Scatterometer). Soil texture heterogeneity is known to be one of the main sources of soil moisture spatial variability. [...]

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[FZJ-2018-07154] Dataset
et al
SMAP/In Situ Core Validation Site Land Surface Parameters Match-Up Data, Version 1
Boulder (CO), USA : NASA National Snow and Ice Data Center Distributed Active Archive Center () [10.5067/DXAVIXLY18KM]

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[FZJ-2017-05580] Dataset
et al
A global data set of soil hydraulic properties and sub-grid variability of soil water retention and hydraulic conductivity curves, link to model result files in NetCDF format, supplement to: Montzka, Carsten; Herbst, Michael; Weihermüller, Lutz; Verhoef, Anne; Vereecken, Harry (2017): A global data set of soil hydraulic properties and sub-grid variability of soil water retention and hydraulic conductivity curves. Earth System Science Data 9(2), 529-543
PANGAEA - Data Publisher for Earth & Environmental Science () [10.1594/PANGAEA.870605]
Climate and numerical weather prediction models, re-analyses, as well as agroecosystem models, require adequate parameter values for soil hydraulic properties (describing e.g. the shape of the soil water retention and hydraulic conductivity curves) at the global scale. [...]

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OpenAccess [FZJ-2017-04965] Dataset
et al
Elemental composition of natural nanoparticles and fine colloids in European forest stream waters and their role as phosphorus carriers
Biogeochemical cycling of elements largely occurs in dissolved state, but many elements may also be bound to natural nanoparticles (NNP, 1–100 nm) and fine colloids (100 450 nm). We examined the hypothesis that the size and composition of stream water NNP and colloids vary systematically across Europe. [...]
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OpenAccess [FZJ-2017-01950] Dataset
et al
Colloid-bound and dissolved phosphorus species in topsoil water extracts along a grassland transect from Cambisol to Stagnosol
Phosphorus (P) species in colloidal and “dissolved” soil fractions may have different distributions. To understand which P species are potentially involved, we obtained water extracts from the surface soils of a gradient 5 from Cambisol, Stagnic Cambisol to Stagnosol from temperate grassland in Germany. [...]
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[FZJ-2015-01408] Dataset
et al
Datasets on fee-based Open Access publishing across German Institutions
Bielefeld University () [10.4119/UNIBI/UB.2014.18]
Damit das kostenpflichtige Publizieren in Open-Access-Zeitschriften für alle transparent und nachvollziehbar ist, haben sich Betreiber von Publikationsfonds entschieden, ihre Preisinformationen als Open Data frei verfügbar und nutzbar zu machen. Gemeinsames Ziel ist es, die geleisteten Open-Access-Publikationsgebühren der Hochschulen und außeruniversitären Forschungseinrichtungen in Deutschland umfassend zu dokumentieren..

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