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OpenAccess [FZJ-2023-02909] Dataset

Datensatz zu: Open Access an wissenschaftlichen Einrichtungen in Deutschland. Ergebnisse einer Erhebung im Jahr 2018
GFZ Data Services () [10.5880/GFZ.LIS.2019.002]
These data are supplementary material to Pampel (2019) and present the results of a quantitative survey on Open Access among scientific institutions in Germany. Both the report and the data are available in German only. [...]
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OpenAccess [FZJ-2023-02903] Dataset
Datensatz zu: Fachgesellschaften und Open Access in Deutschland – eine Analyse zur Herausgabe von Zeitschriften
Zenodo () [10.5281/ZENODO.3406355]
In der Debatte um die Open-Access-Transformation wird auch die Rolle wissenschaftlicher Fachgesellschaften diskutiert. Bisher gab es keine systematische Erhebung zum Einfluss von Fachgesellschaften auf das Publikationssystem [...]
OpenAccess: fachgesellschaften_openapc_de_001 - Download fulltextCSV; fachgesellschaften_zeitschriften_001 - Download fulltextCSV; strecker_pampel_fachgesellschaften_und_open_access_001 - Download fulltextPDF; fachgesellschaften_notationen_001 - Download fulltextCSV;

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[FZJ-2023-02525] Dataset
; ; ; et al
Pd-doping of Bi₂Te₃ and superconductivity of Pd(Bi,Te)x from density functional theory
Materials Cloud 2023.99, () [10.24435/MATERIALSCLOUD:4C-F0]
Materials that can host Majorana zero modes gained a lot of attention in recent years due to the possibility to engineer topologically protected quantum computing platforms. Promising candidates are heterostructures of topological insulators and superconductors [...]

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[FZJ-2023-02523] Dataset
Dataset of proximity induced superconductivity in a topological insulator
Materials Cloud 2022.123, () [10.24435/MATERIALSCLOUD:ET-G4]
Interfacing a topological insulator (TI) with an s-wave superconductor (SC) is a promising material platform that offers the possibility to realize a topological superconductor through which Majorana-based topologically protected qubits can be engineered. In our computational study of the prototypical SC/TI interface between Nb and Bi₂Te₃, we identify the benefits and possible bottlenecks of this potential Majorana material platform. [...]

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[FZJ-2023-02522] Dataset
; ;
The JuDiT database of impurities embedded into a topological insulator
Materials Cloud 2020.94, () [10.24435/MATERIALSCLOUD:NQ-HT]
We present JuDiT (Jülich Database of impurities embedded into a Topological insulator) which collects first principles calculation of impurities embedded into the prototypical topological insulator Sb2Te3. The density functional calculations of this work were performed with the JuKKR package [1], which allows to embed translational invariance breaking impurities into a crystalline host system based on the Korringa-Kohn-Rostoker Green function method, and were performed with the AiiDA-KKR package [2] [...]

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[FZJ-2023-02521] Dataset
Density functional Bogoliubov-de Gennes analysis of superconducting Nb and Nb(110) surfaces
Materials Cloud 2021.163, () [10.24435/MATERIALSCLOUD:9B-FV]
Material-specific calculations based on density functional theory play a major role in understanding and designing the properties of quantum matter. In the field of topological quantum computing there is an intense search for material systems that have the ability to realize Majorana zero modes. [...]

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[FZJ-2023-02519] Dataset
; ; ; et al
The AiiDA-Spirit plugin for automated spin-dynamics simulations and multi-scale modelling based on first-principles calculations
Materials Cloud 2021.203, () [10.24435/MATERIALSCLOUD:9S-TX]
Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert (LLG) spin-dynamics calculations based on the extended Heisenberg Hamiltonian is an important tool in computational materials science involving magnetic materials. LLG simulations allow to bridge the gap from expensive quantum mechanical calculations with small unit cells to large supercells where the collective behavior of millions of spins can be studied. [...]

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[FZJ-2023-02299] Dataset
; ; ; et al
How to verify the precision of density-functional-theory implementations via reproducible and universal workflows
Materials Cloud () [10.24435/MATERIALSCLOUD:S4-3H]
In the past decades many density-functional theory methods and codes adopting periodic boundary conditions have been developed and are now extensively used in condensed matter physics and materials science research. Only in 2016, however, their precision (i.e., to which extent properties computed with different codes agree among each other) was systematically assessed on elemental crystals: a first crucial step to evaluate the reliability of such computations. [...]

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[FZJ-2023-01122] Dataset
; ; ; et al
Actuated Turbulent Boundary Layer Flows Dataset
b2share : () [10.34730/5dbc8e35f21241d0889906136cf28d26]
This data collection contains time-series of three-dimensional snapshots for a parametric study of flat plate turbulent boundary layer flow actuated by spanwise traveling transversal surface waves with the goal of friction drag reduction. Details regarding the numerical setup and the structure of the data are given at
External link: Download fulltextFulltext

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[FZJ-2023-00218] Dataset
; ; ; et al
GapMap Temporal to Parietal (v11.4)
EBRAINS () [10.25493/37FB-5CA]
This dataset contains the “GapMap Temporal to Parietal' in the individual, single subject template of the MNI Colin 27 as well as the MNI ICBM 152 2009c nonlinear asymmetric reference space. In order to provide whole-brain coverage for the cortex within the Julich-Brain Atlas, yet uncharted parts of the frontal cortex have been combined to the brain region “GapMap Temporal to Parietal”. [...]

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